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STEP 1: Like you choose the base of Pizza - Whole Wheat, Thin Crust, or Sour Dough, You first decide the base of your TAPE:

BOPP Film +
Kraft Paper +

STEP 2: The way Pizza comes in different sizes like 8", 10" or 12", TAPE comes in different sizes based on the size and weight of the box you want to seal:

24mm +
36mm +
48mm +
72mm +

HINT: Bigger and heavier boxes would prefer a wider tape such as 72mm and smaller boxes can be sealed with a tape of 24mm as well. The most common width we see is 48mm.

STEP 3: Now we decide the base sauce of the Pizza - Tomato or Pesto? Oh we mean the base colour of the TAPE, on which your logo will be printed:

Transparent Base +
Brown Base +
White Base +

STEP 4: The toppings on a Pizza make it personal and delicious. So lets do the same with your TAPE by uploading your logo which is to be printed on the tape:


STEP 5: The quantity and quality of seasoning are so important for a Pizza. Similarly, lets choose the number of colours we like on our logo:

NOTE: Please count the colours on your logo accurately to make sure there are no issues in processing your order. Each colour needs to be counted as a separate colour.

1 Color +
2 Color +
3 Color +
4 Color +

STEP 6: "It's all in the detail..." The direction in which you would like your tape printed is important when you apply it on a box. So which orientation do you prefer:

1 +
2 +
3 +
4 +

STEP 7: Now all that is left is to tell us how many "slices" or boxes you would like? Please enter the quantity below:

Price may vary according to Width, No. of Colors & No. of Quantities Selected.

1 Box - 144 Rolls +
2 Boxes - 144 Rolls +
3 Boxes - 144 Rolls +
4 Boxes - 144 Rolls +
5 Boxes - 144 Rolls +